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Frequently Asked Questions (for enrolled students)

If you are in one of our memberships, log into your learning library. All replays for regular tutorials and seminars appear in the course player in the curriculum section. If you want to watch a replay of a full course or to work through other self-paced materials, open that course and the replay will be in the course player.

Click here to access the personal track learning library.

Click here to access the professional track learning library.

You can access your payment information in the "settings" menu once you are logged in.
Another easy way is to go directly to our payment portal.

Click here to access the self-serve payment portal.

We currently allow students to pause their membership for up to two months in a year. Please email us using the above form on this page to request a membership pause.

If you are on Facebook, join us for our student-only group (or find it) here.

Messages will sometimes go to a junk/spam folder. First check there to see if that is what happened. To prevent this in the future, whitelist our email addresses.
Here is an article on how to save an email address as a trusted contact (known as "whitelist)."


If you do not see our recent emails in your spam/junk folder, send us a message using the form at the top of this page and we will look into it. 

Reading student stories or providing one-on-one coaching is not included in most courses. However, we do have some capacity to do individual coaching sessions or to edit stories at a special rate just for students. Please use the form at the top of this page to email us and we will let you know our availability and the student rate. 

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