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Templates + tutorial replays & transcripts accessible only by members

What the learning library includes

As a member of the Evalogue.Life professional network, you will receive access to a full learning library of our templates, printables, and replays from our weekly tutorials. (Note that our weekly tutorial replays stay live on YouTube for a week, then we remove most of them from public view, so this is how you can browse the archive.)  Hence, in this learning library course, you will find a table of contents for all past tutorials, a link to view each one, and the transcript of each lesson.

This library also provides templates to help you do your professional work and run a profitable business.

We are adding resources all the time so check here if you need something. Also, if there is a resource that would help you, please reach out and maybe we can create a template for everyone.

Course Curriculum


Rhonda Lauritzen

Rhonda Lauritzen is a professional biographer with multiple published books. She specializes in life stories, collecting oral history, and historical storytelling. She earned an MBA from the University of Utah and was selected as the Outstanding Graduate in her undergrad major. Before she founded Evalogue.Life in 2016, she served as a college marketing director, Vice President, and a corporate CEO. In 2007, her writing journey began with her parents’ family business saga, which became her first book. Since then, she has been hired to help tell the stories of families, cities, and nonprofits. She believes that when you tell your story, it changes the ending. This is why her passion is teaching, coaching, and presenting at conferences.